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DrPeppersi's Helper app

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1 Re: DrPeppersi's Helper app on Wed Mar 16, 2016 6:54 pm


ACCEPTED - Good detail, you actually made an effort Very Happy

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2 DrPeppersi's Helper app on Wed Mar 16, 2016 6:48 pm

Amount of warnings:1 Verbal warning when I first joined for making a home when i was Swat.
Time on the server: 10hours
Time on Garry's Mod:160, I had another account with 300hours+ But it was unfortunately hacked.
Why do you want to be a helper? (150+):
So I can feel more happy that I have more abilities to enforce on players, I can make sure there's no arguments or anything like that, although I can do that now, with more permissions I am able to make sure players enforce the rules and don't violate them. I am no good at wiremod so I'm no use to that but I'm good at sorting out arguments and helping people, I'm friendly towards others and love to see people happy as it makes me happy. I can make people happy without being helper but with helper it gives me advantages to help out players even more so that can make me feel more happy about my self. I would love to become more of a part of the server and get more involved within. I mostly always welcome new players and comfort them as they would feel more appreciated and accepted within the community and everyone should feel like that. Many thanks for
reading and I appreciate the fact that all the hard working staff are really responsive to me, 9/10 staff, really really good Very Happy

What are your roles as helper?:
To make sure I sort out arguments and make sure that players are not using abusive,sexist and racist language towards others. But if I were to become helper I would feel more stable and like I am helper for a reason to help others, I guess I would specialise in Community/chat issues not the wiremod side of things. So if you guys are looking for someone to make sure the community is safe and clean for players then I could do the job for you guys if that's what your looking for at the moment.
Are you going to achieve these roles and how?: I believe I could as I'm already starting to work on it and make sure the environment is safe for all the players. I want to make sure the server has a good name so I am here to help and keep the server clean. It will give me something to be proud of as I would be here to help players (other than wiremod) so social -in server issues they are having. Many thanks for reading guys I appreciate it. -Sorry for bad grammar my keyboard is really old and hard to type. Very Happy all the best -DrPeppersi

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