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Apart of my comic im making - Sol

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1 Apart of my comic im making - Sol on Mon Feb 15, 2016 3:58 pm

A sudden flash would appear in the night sky as Fire and lighting hit each other the ground wet and soggy and all you could hear were the screams of children crying and people running for there lives , A Group of orcs known as the Bra-gothen ( a low mercenary orc gang) Were attacking a village South of mordor Set by a warcheif named as only Rae , the mist suddenly set over the town as the lightning struck the buildings setting fire , And descruction the orcs would begin to laugh as they know they have acompolished what they had been set Dead bodys laying around them as blood dripped from there axes and faces A sudden stranger would appear with ragged clothes and hood her face not seen due to the darkness sorrounding her She would walk with a stance of Defense as she walk closer and closer to the group of orc her boots made from leather and her trousers Half ripped her top Armoured Wearing gloves that dint fit her , Her feet would Sink into the mud as the rain wouldent hit her Like a force field blocking her from the rain she would kindly speak out " hmm what is the reason for this hmm " She Would wait but had no responed an orc would walk up to her Shouting Orc language the orc swung the axe at her and poof she vanishes in a cloud of smoke appearing behind the Orc Her clothes turned into A Hard metal Two swords in her hands Cutting off the orcs head she would kick the head to the other orcs watching them flee in fear a sudden flash would hit infront off her hitting her shoes As the flash would then make the sky Blue with clouds the fires Set out and the dead bodys gone she would walk fowards Heading towards mordor To kill the war chief named rae. she would set on this journey with her hair short and her hood back up She had the quickness of a horse when walking and would take her time reaching rae taking out Orc camps on her way trying to Be rid of the evil that covers mordor she would hold her talisman Saying va de mon sla do Meaning the world will be at peace , She had her mind set to a place of joy and happiness when roaming trying to bring as much peace as she can for all she can remember is being alone but she hopes that one day she will be with someone side by side fighting the chaos that roams She would make camp futher East and start a fire Resting , 4 days later, she was tired and hungry and was low on supplies but she made her way to a camp called the shackle, a camp for warriors and hunters she went through quickly grabbing as much food and water she carried on her Travels Reaching to a place she called home she would spend days there watching over everyone Thinking on her past , She would change her Clothes to a more Armored clothing grabbing a bastard sword she would carry on her journey To rea. Multiple of hours pass as she Reaches the heart of the war-chiefs lair , The building was demonic with guards scattered around the camp archers at the very peak of the building She would climb up the side taking out archers with a bow she made from wood And a string made of metal only her gloves could pull back she would kill the archers , she would reach the top tower where she would watch over Seeing where all the guards were She done an eagle jump landing on top of a guard Killing one At a time with a shadow step she kill them she enter the building her hand firmly gripped onto the handle of her blade She Went in carefully watching her surroundings as she Creap up behind rea she took a slash but suddenly got blocked by raes Quickness they clash up rae uses her force and pushes her back the women then Put her blade into the ground stopping herself from moving the women to a quick slash at raes legs wounding her slightly dropping to her knees rae then quickly stands as she Detaches her blade into two blades With a sudden quickness of speed she would slash at the women But misses every attack the women then vanishes With a cloud of smoke The women sneaks up behind Rae Plunging her Sword into raes back pulling her sword out she lifts her blades carefully cutting of the war chiefs head throwing it outside the door for the orcs to see the women then walked outside showing her face and saying her name : Runo She then Said : This is the face of fear that should be in your minds now run before i kill you all : The orcs then flied Off Running into the abyss She would Call upon a flash leaping up into the air all that's left was a shadow of her fading away Slightly ... she was never seen again they say she will come when the time is right and when you no longer believe she is real...

i hope you enjoy reading it , any feed back let me know Smile Willing to take characters Smile

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2 Re: Apart of my comic im making - Sol on Mon Feb 15, 2016 4:01 pm


Wow amazing

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3 Re: Apart of my comic im making - Sol on Mon Feb 15, 2016 4:56 pm

Ty @maspoon Smile

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4 Re: Apart of my comic im making - Sol on Tue Feb 16, 2016 10:56 pm


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5 Nice Sol- on Wed Mar 16, 2016 11:56 pm

Really good Buddy Very Happy

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