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Stealth Gamer Custom Job

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1 Stealth Gamer Custom Job on Sun Mar 20, 2016 6:52 pm

The weapons I want for now is the plasmagun from DOOM 3 and a lightsaber
The name of the job should be Stealth Gamer and the desc should be you are Stealth Gamer
And I want xbowtdm as my custom car and I want 200 hp and my playermodel should be models/player/combine_droider.mdl! Very Happy I LUV DIS SERVER!

Ill redo the thing if I'm missing something Smile <3

Edited part/redone part
Name: (in game) Stealth (IRl) Teis (Steam name) [Galaxy] Stealth Gamer
Age: 13
Gametime: 3d 21h 51m as I'm writing this
Job Name: Stealth Gamer
Role Of Job: Doesn't have a specific job if that's ok
Trooper, Sith Or Other Category: Battle Droid (for now I might change it later
Do You Own Any Other Custom Jobs: Miku / Bacon

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2 Re: Stealth Gamer Custom Job on Sun Mar 20, 2016 11:36 pm

You Might Want To Use The Format Provided In The Custom Jobs,

Job Name
Role Of Job
Trooper, Sith Or Other Category
Do You Own Any Other Custom Jobs

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