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TheGlobalPika's Developer Application [Scott told me to put it here :)]

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I will need confirmation from Hagen, the current developer that he can work with you and you with him, please get confirmation from him then tell me. <3

regards Scott Sheerin

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Name: Jakob

Age: 14

ULX Experience: Extremely vast, I know everything from !fbring to !maul, I also know how to use ULX through the developer's console using f10. Using commands like ulx adduser for faster rank browsing.

Why you should be Developer?: I am applying for Developer because I have seen the utmost potential in the server, when the server was once an Imperial RP server I helped in creating over 5 regiments, and generally helped people including Mason and Trump in coding in all their stuff, and fixing all Lua errors they made, thus far I have seen many errors that could be changed within Lua scripting on the server, some jobs could be polished.

I am not here to moan about the server's quality though, I am here to make it better, thus my applying for the position of being a developer. My past experience of being and Owner of 2 servers, and now own the First Order RP server for Galaxy Gaming makes it certain I can be trusted with knowing ULX, Lua and generally everything when it comes to creating a simple job, and expanded topics.

Any evidence needed of coding work can be provided, although I am not the cleanest coder I still get the job done with as little restarts as possible to fix Lua errors. I can even have Blaze and Alex (Admins on GG servers) to have my word backed with evidence. As they were involved with it aswell.

I know I have gained some unfriendly opinions towards myself but I promise those can be changed, no names shall be given but a common unfriendliness has arised between me and someone and that would affect their opinion, but overall I know I am ready to come back as a Developer, not only for fun and hanging out with my friends, but helping the server massively in becoming popular.

Has any staff member ever recommended you: Not as I'm aware of, though opinions always change to a certain extent.

How long can you be on: Anytime if needed, I am busy with other things but am really supportive to whoever I work with.

How many days for the week can you be on:

Weekdays (School): 4 PM - 9 PM/Later
Wednesday/Monday: 4 PM - 5 PM
Weekdays (Holiday): Anytime*
Weekends: (No School): Anytime*

*Anytime can refer to an average state, may vary depending on if I go out, I do have a life aswell Smile

Game time: My current time on the server is short, but not limited, I have spent many times out of the server coding before when it was Imperial RP, so my game time would differ to it's original state.

My current game time is currently: 25 Hours and 32 Minutes.

What are your roles as developer: My role as a developer is to not only keep the server safe through the console, but also uphold the ULX Commands of a staff member as well. In doing so, coding Lua, adding ULX groups and providing many outlets for the server to rise in mass as possible, in detailed Lua my job would be to create jobs, entities, ammo, provide weapon editing if needed and edit anything else where needed, such the configuration of DarkRP or paid addons that has been bought by Scott himself.

In any case I hope this is accepted, I have worked hard on it and put a lot of thought into this before hand, if you have never seen me in-game then come say hi, I like to be known as a caring person. My server time will change throughout playing the server though if this is accepted alot of my time will be dedicated to whatever Master Scott wants me to do.

Thanks for reading, if you even did. Regards,

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