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Staff aplication

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1 Re: Staff aplication on Wed Mar 16, 2016 6:32 pm


DENIED - Staff apps are closed, you can apply for helper though, I have already made a template (just find it!)

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2 Staff aplication on Wed Mar 16, 2016 5:29 pm

ULX Experience: I've used, administration tools before, so I should be able to use it.
Why you should be staff: I would like to be staff so I have more abilities to keep the server safe and clean, although I'm no good a wire-mod, I am able to sort out arguments and make sure no rules are being broken. I'm not sure if there's like a (moderator space open) As I would be helper but I can use wire-mod. I am good and making sure the server's community is safe and friendly to all newcomers and players currently on the server. I would usually welcome players to spawn and make sure they feel welcome. Although I can make people feel welcomed anyway's, Being a moderator would allow me to enforce abilities to be able to sort out any kind of, Racism,Sexism and any abusive or unacceptable language. I'm not the best at wire mod as I've said so I wouldn't be able to help out a lot there but I can definitely make sure the server is friendly and everyone is ok. If I were moderator or other staff rank I would probably go around the map and make sure no rules are being violated, also any unacceptable behaviour. I think i can help out and make sure that all the players are not receiving any abusive language from others. I love to help out and make others happy as it makes me happy. Sorry if this isn't what you guys are looking for. I'm in (GMT Time zone) so Ill usually be on, Uk times and other night. Keep up the good work Scott and other staff members.
Has any staff member ever recommended you: No Not that I can remember.
How long can you be on: Umm usually from 4:30 in the evening to about 10:30 or 11:00.
How many days for the week can you be on: Probably all week, maybe i wont be on the odd day but ill usually be on a lot.
Game time: 8hrs
What are your roles as staff: To make sure I enforce my abilities to make sure players are following and obeying the rules and not rule breaking. I can usually make sure this doesn't happen without staff but as me being staff I can do more about it such as, kick and ban. I will most likely be Monitoring the chat and make sure no arguments or rule breaking occurs. Thanks for reading this I appreciate it. Keep up the good work staff members.

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