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Sol's 森 - Staff application - T-Mod

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1 Re: Sol's 森 - Staff application - T-Mod on Mon Feb 15, 2016 6:18 pm


Your application has been Accepted
See me or Scott in game.

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2 Sol's 森 - Staff application - T-Mod on Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:47 pm

Name: My IGN is : Sol 森 , My real name is Nakai

Age : I am 15. 16 this year

ULX Experience: i know all the commands and have it key binded to H

Why you should be staff: I think i should be staff because i believe that i can put my time and effort into the server and community to make sure all the rules are enforced and put in place , and to make sure there is no rule breakers , As i think trolls have no place on gmod servers as they ruin the experience for others which then ruins the community, and its players , my up most responsibility is the community and the rules  

Has any staff member ever recommended you: Nope

How long can you be on: i could be on for about 4 - 5 hours

How many days for the week can you be on : Ill be on 5 days a week hopefully

Game time (If the game time counter isn't up at the time you are posting ignore this)

What are your roles as staff : To make sure the rules are enforced and help the people of the server with there problems and to make sure theirs a Happy community and also not to abuse your powers, And always make sure you listen to your superiors

Extra : i do not have a working mic at this moment in time and i will be getting one , I also would like to add my real life family comes first before any video game as i care for there safety and there feelings , i would also like to point out that i hate trolls and i will devour them when i see one Smile So im gonna make the server a troll free zone , i will always have my steam open so if you need me to hop onto the server and make sure everything is fine and handy ill be there as quick as possible , unless im dealing with family and or getting something

Thank you taking your time and reading my application for staff on this server i hope i get accpeted and good luck to the others , its really appreciated of you all

yours sincerely : Sol 森

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