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gamingelite's Staff APP

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1 Re: gamingelite's Staff APP on Sun Mar 13, 2016 12:44 pm


ACEPTED - The only thing you could improve on is presentation (questions in bold). It's picky, I know, but it's a good app so I need to be Razz.

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2 gamingelite's Staff APP on Sun Mar 13, 2016 11:19 am

Name: Gamingelite604
Age: 15
ULX Experience: I have been staff on 3 other servers so I know what to do.
Why you should be staff: I think I should be staff because I feel like this server is amazing and that it can be even better if I was staff because I am on all day everyday. I am a kind guy and always respects everyone. I know how to do the staff's job and that I am not going to abuse power. I always like having fun and that I know all the commands that I should know as staff. I never like to let a server down this server will grow and I will make sure of that.

Has any staff member ever recommended you: No
How long can you be on: School Days: 5 Hours a day / Weekends: 15 hours a day
How many days for the week can you be on : all day everyday
Game time: 2-3 hours
What are your roles as staff: A Staff members role is to make sure everyone is not breaking the rules and make sure everyone is having fun rp'ing and make sure those who hack, Break rules or throw verbal abuse at people get a punishment. Make sure the server is running fine and any problems pass it to the owner.

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