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Steebox staff app

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1 Re: Steebox staff app on Fri Mar 11, 2016 8:18 pm


I'm going to ACCEPT it but I will not trust you with anything above mod. Your application was average and you have no experince. Get more experiance, then I may promote you beyond mod.

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2 Steebox staff app on Thu Mar 10, 2016 8:03 pm

Name: Steebox IRL name: Dirch Pronoucned: Dierk.
Age: 14½
ULX Experience: none, first time i apply for staff, so if anyone would teach me some that would be great (dank meme)
Why you should be staff: I have been on the galaxy server and RG server alot, and i would really want to help the server by being staff, also of what i have seen there are only 2 (almost) constant staff on, so if there would be more to help the people in need of help I can help them while the others are helping others.
Has any staff member ever recommended you: No.
How long can you be on: About 6 hours per day, and about 12 in weekends
How many days for the week can you be on: Almost all days, depends on something but mostly all day
Game time (If the game time counter isn't up at the time you are posting ignore this) Payed 4 days on RG about 10 hours on the SWRP and about 2 hours on this DarkRP server
What are your roles as staff: Keep the server clean of annoying and rule breaking people, or warn them they they get a chance to do better, they also help giving ideas of what the server could need. And most of all, they do not power abuse Twisted Evil
Info: If I become staff I will be more on the server

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