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1 DarkRP Rules - NOT FINISHED on Mon Mar 07, 2016 10:28 pm


Section 1 - Main Rules

1. RDM, Random Death Match, is NOT tolerated.
2. You have to forget about what happened in your previous life and you cannot go back to your base if killed in a raid until it's over(NLR).
3. ALL RP actions (e.g raiding, mugging, etc.) MUST be adverted!

Section 2 - Properties

1. You need at least 4 members in your group to block off the industrial area.
2. You are allowed up to 3 fading doors in your base (printer cases don't count).
3. You can NOT have printers if you have a building sign up.
4. You must NOT have 1 way glass, whether it's bulletproof or not.

Section 3 - Raiding

1. You can raid the same base every 30 mins.
2. You can NOT raid a base that has a building sign.
3. When you die, you die. Therefore, you have to advert that the raid's over.

Section 4 - Jobs

1. You can only raid/base/mug/kidnap with your gang, e.g thieves with thieves.
2. You canonly commit a crime every 5 mins.
3. Terrorists can only terrorise the government.
4. Only gangsters can raid PD.

1. You can NOT self supply.
2. You can NOT have a base, only a shop.
3. You can NOT own any printers.
4. You can NOT scam people.

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2 Skippy <3 on Tue Mar 08, 2016 12:04 am

nough said <3

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