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T.E.S.A for gamma

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1 T.E.S.A for gamma on Tue Mar 01, 2016 3:40 pm

Game time: 10h 33mins 10sec
Job Name: The Emperor's secret apprentice
Role Of Job: To teach Apprentices without a master and to take Look out for the ship when the grand admiral, the emperor and Darth Vader aren't present and also to ensure the ship "crew" member are doing what they are supposed to do.
Trooper, Sith Or Other Category: Darth or Sith Lord (which ever your prefer)
Do You Own Any Other Custom Jobs: No, i do not.
Description: T.E.S.A is pretends to be a Darth (or Sith Lord) but is really the emperor's SECRET apprentice (which means In Character not even Darth Vader would know about him only the Emperor)

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