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Fleet Recommendations

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1 Fleet Recommendations on Sun Feb 28, 2016 1:59 am

Fleet, an under-rated, underprovided adn boring regiment.

As this is a server just starting up, I would like to take that oppertunity to ask if you could add some things to the fleet. Instead of having four ranks (with one person each, besides ensign)I feel Fleet should have a bit more... Diversity. Mainly ranks like:
-Lieutenant (1LT)
-Lieutenant Commander (Batt Commander)
- Commander (Reg Commander)
- Captain ( Captain)
- Commadore (Under Vice Admiral)
- Vice Admiral (Just under admiral)
- Moff (Above GA)
- Grand Moff (Above Moff)

I have absolutley no idea where to get the uniforms but if you would be willing to upgrade the fleet with more things like this then maybe it will be more desireable.

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