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Skippy's Staff Application

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1 Re: Skippy's Staff Application on Sat Feb 27, 2016 11:10 am


You've improved your app to a standard that is worthy of t-mod.
If you do well, you'll rise higher in the ranks quickly.

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2 Skippy's Staff Application on Sat Feb 27, 2016 10:10 am


Skippy (Phillip)

14 almost 15

ULX Experience:
I have been staff on at least 5 (maybe more) all have used ULX, so Im pretty experianced.

Why you should be staff:
Because I would bring a lot of experiance to the staff team and I know I can help this server out. Also, I know all the starwarsRP rules off by heart so I know when someone is breaking the rules. The reason why I'm good at staff is because I'm firm, but fair.

Has any staff member ever recommended you:

How long can you be on:
2 hours or more a day (probably more than 2, just sometimes on certain I can only be on for 2 hours)

How many days for the week can you be on:
Everyday unless I'm on holiday

Game time:
1 hour.. I'm new

What are your roles as staff:
To make sure no one is breaking the rules, if they are I would punish them depending on which rule(s) they've broken. For example, RDM would have a more harsher punishment than Metagaming because Metagaming isn't that serious and is easily broken by people.

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